Celebrate days over years

Some of my friends said the following after playing around with the app:

  • “Since every day is a treasure, it made me realize that I am hugely rich”. Michael
  • “I think now I am going to celebrate milestones in 1000 or 5000 day marks instead of birthdays”. Roy

Everything started when a friend invited me to celebrate her 10000 days. I did a small research about the state of the apps which calculate your age in days. I found a few, but all of them didn’t gave you much information than the current day. The lack of mobile friendly design, additional info provided or localization by these apps, invited me to create Nth day.

Nth day will not only calculate how many days you have been around but also provide a list of past and future events, being able to filter by different categories.

nth day

The main libraries behind Nth day are:

  • React
  • Redux
  • Moment.js

I wanted this project to be localized (i10n) and internationalized (i18n) for Spanish and English languages at least. The i18n part was very easy taking advance of the features of Momentjs. I hesitate with the i10n though. I found a few options such as using react-intl or counterpart, but finally I decided to do it from scratch by myself because there were plenty features provided by these libraries that I didn’t need or weren’t too hard to implement.

The source code can be found at: https://github.com/jvalen/nth-days-old

Enjoy every single day! (coding…and not coding)

Thanks for reading!