Coding interviews

Coding interviews are very common these days. I found this a very interesting way to know more the candidate not only based on his or her language/system/framework skills but also the behaviour and the interaction with a potential future colleague.

Today I went to an interview prep workshop focus on pair programming and learnt a lot about it.

Here are some tips to have in mind when you are facing this part of the interview process:

  • Ask questions and check if your solution is valid
  • Let the interviewer know about what you are thinking
  • Make sure to accomplish at least part of the interview task
  • When there is a problem to solve, present and discuss several approaches
  • Try to enjoy, being always friendly

They interviewer may take into consideration the following facts:

  • The candidate explain their thinking regularly
  • The candidate evaluate different options
  • Good or bad clarifying questions about the task
  • Language used knowledge
  • Balance between progress and good quality code
  • Was the session fun?
  • Did the candidate need help with some particular things?
  • General behaviour, feedback

After my mock interview I decided to continue working on my code and the problems other candidates faced and I created this repository.

Some useful links:

  • Organizing your project:
    • I paired this week with Marijn Haverbeke, we talked about how to organize a javascript project. Among other things he provided me Rollup, a next-generation ES6 module bundler. We can take advance of the ES6 modules and import just the functions we need instead the whole library.
Pair programming