Functional programming is in the air

Functional programming is everywhere. Every day I can hear people talking about the awesomeness of Haskell and Clojure or the speed and cool things you can do with React and Elm in the browser.

But what’s Functional Programming? Keeping it simple, let’s say is a way of coding without side effects. How? Avoiding using variables outside of the function, hence doesn’t change variables outside of the function scope.

On Wednesday I went to a FP workshop by Mary Rose Cook where we learnt and practiced the basics of FP using python. I translated the examples and challenges to JavaScript.

That’s pretty amazing how you can avoid side effects basically using map and reduce instead traditional loops, using immutable data structures or pipelining operations.

Some useful links:

Switching topics, this week some rcs fellas and I started to spend 10 min of meditation. It feels pretty well. Apparently meditation could be very helpful to develop mental self-discipline, be much calmer when coding and more productive.