JavaScript is our friend

There is a lot going on around JavaScript, whether we like it or not (I do love it) looks like JavaScript will be among us for a while, so it’s always great to continue exploring the language. These days I spend some time pairing using d3 to make some data visualizations, going through a couple of ReactJS tutorials and reading Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke (who by the way is between us this week and talked about an awesome project called Tern, a stand-alone code-analysis engine for JavaScript).

On Monday I assisted to an introduction of Clojure by Sal Becker. That was really interesting, Clojure targets JVM, CLR and also compiles to javascript!. The functional way of code, the rich set of immutable and persistent data structures encourage me to learn more about the language and probably build some small project soon.

Some useful links I’ve found these days: